National Stakeholder Forums

National Stakeholder Forums (NSFs) have been set up locally in each of the ten European countries involved in the HIT2GAP project.

The NSFs are composed of representatives of national and local government, professional bodies, agencies, industry and local businesses. They provide support to the project at a local level and they also represent the interests of the individual countries with regards to the HIT2GAP outputs and potential adoption of HIT2GAP systems. 

Details of the NSFs are outlined below. If you are interested in joining one of the forums please contact HIT2GAP (or your local contact point given below)for more information.

Spain - run by Giroa, IK4-Tekniker, Eurecat and the University of Girona, the Spanish NSF are disseminating the HIT2GAP project in Spain.

Our partners in Spain presented the HIT2GAP project and its outcomes, including a description of the BEMServer system for intelligent buildings, at the Nanogune building in San Sebastian on 13 June 2019.  please click here for more information.

Contact point is

France - The French National Stakeholder Forum (NSF) includes representatives from PROMODUL, Trend, Schneider Electric, VELUX, VINCI Construction, Nobatek, Bouygues, Evolution, Inoxia & Saint Gobain.  Our partners in France will be holding a final event in the last week of August 2019 (date to be finalised)

Contact point is

Polish flag Poland - Mostostal is responsible for disseminating the Hit2Gap project in Poland.   Our partners in Poland will be holding a final event on 28 August 2019

Contact point is Juliusz Zach

Cypriot flag Cyprus - CyRIC are running the Cypriot NSF, dissemination of HIT2GAP has taken place among an email subscriber list of 25.

Contact point is:

Turkish flag Turkey - the Turkish NSF is organised by EGE University

Contact point is

Irish flag Ireland - run by the National University of Ireland, Galway and Enerit, the stakeholder forum for Ireland has around 50 subscribers.  The forum links with ASHRAE Ireland, Engineers Ireland (EI) and CIBSE Ireland.  To maximise participation, the form makes use of skype links for those stakeholders who cannot attend in person.  Our partners in Ireland will be holding a final event on 29 August 2019

Contact point:

United Kingdom flag United Kingdom - The UK National Stakeholder Forum (NSF) is jointly organised by BRE and the University of Strathclyde. Interesting issues that have been raised by the UK stakeholder group include post-occupancy evaluation, second tier trial buildings and adventitious electrical loads due to unforeseen needs of building occupiers.   

Contact point is

Italian flag Italy - the Italian NSF is the responsibility of R2M Solutions and Abo Data. They have a subscriber network of around 50 people.  Contact point: Omar

German flag Germany Fraunhofer ISE run the German NSF.

Contact point:

Greek flag Greece - Apintech run the Greek NSF.