Update on Stakeholder forums/International Stakeholder Meetings

Promotion of HIT2GAP in Spain

Our project partners have been engaging with a variety of organisations in Spain to promote the HIT2GAP concept, to obtain a steer from potential users and to lay the groundwork for a potential client base

Back in October, HIT2GAP’s Jose Alonso Urquijo presented HIT2GAP at a conference on energy efficiency in Bilbao.  HIT2GAP has also been promoted at exhibitions in Durango in January 2018 and at Veolia’s facilities in Zamudio in May 2017.  In addition, the concept of HIT2GAP was explained and discussed at a meeting with the central services staff of Calahorra hospital, La Rioja in June 2017.  Finally, Veolia-Giroa presented HIT2GAP to one of their clients, IMQ group, in January 2018. 

  1. Jornadas de la eficiencia energética “Hacia la clasificación”. Conference. 26/10/2017 Bilbao, Spain. 

This conference in Bilbao was aimed at energy service companies and their potential customers. Experts from the associated companies explained the savings achieved in their most emblematic projects in the field of energy efficiency.  The HIT2GAP project was explained and presented as an example of a technology which is being advanced in innovative platforms.

 Jose Alonso.jpg

 Figure 1: Jose Alonso Urquijo speaks at the Efficiency conference


  1. Berdeago Energy, Feria Vasca de la Eficiencia Energética. VEOLIA. Exhibition. 19-21/01/18 Durango, Spain. 

HIT2GAP’s Jose Alonso Urquijo presented HIT2GAP at the Berdeago Energy exhibition in Bilbao.  Berdeago Energy is an exhibition showing the latest developments related to energy efficiency in building, bioconstruction, sustainable mobility and waste treatment. This national event brings together all kind of agents related to sustainability.

 Berdeago Energy Exhibition.jpg

 Figure 2 : Berdeago energy Exhibition


  1. Presentation in Veolia´s “Open door day”. VEOLIA. 15/05/17 Giroa-Veolia facilities, Zamudio, Spain. 

Giroa-Veolia presented to teachers and students of EHU/UPV (University of the Basque Country) and explained the benefits of their R&D projects. Special emphasis was placed on the HIT2GAP project, as attendees showed interest in learning about the latest advances in the behaviour model and monitoring.

 Gorka Naveran.jpg

 Figure 3: Gorka Naveran speaking about HIT2GAP


     4. INDIGO Presentation for Calahorra Hospital. VEOLIA 15/06/17 Calahorra Hospital, La Rioja, Spain

Veolia’s R&D department and Commercial Director met with the Central services managers of the Calahorra Hospital (La Rioja, Spain) to explain and discuss the HIT2GAP project. 


     5. Projects presentation to VEOLIA clients (IMQ group) 17/01/2018

Giroa - Veolia organised a meeting with one of its clients, the IMQ group. IMQ is an insurance group in the health sector that offers its services within its medical centres. This meeting was focused on reinforcing commitment to energy efficiency and reducing consumption in buildings, showing the benefits of the HIT2GAP project and presenting future objectives to achieve improvements in the Nanogune pilot site in San Sebastian.

R&D Projects to IMQ GROUP.jpg

 Figure 4: Introducing the R&D projects to IMQ group