The Future of Energy Management - Launch of BEMSERVER, the world's premier open source building energy management platform

Outcomes from the EU project HIT2GAP and launch of BEMServer, the world’s first open source energy management platform - Galway, Ireland, 29 August 2019.

On 29 August, Galway, Ireland will be the venue for an information evening about BEMServer, the world's premier open source building energy management platform.  The aim of this CPD event will be to discuss the topic of Building Energy Management in detail using the results of the HIT2GAP project, an EU - H2020 project aimed at reducing the gap between expected energy consumption and the actual energy consumption at the operational phase. Unlike traditional Building Management Systems which tend to be closed and fully automated, the HIT2GAP project explored a flexible open source platform into which a range of BMS tools could be plugged in to suit the users’ requirements.

The event will take place on 29th August 2019 from 17:00h to 19:30h.  It will be chaired by Marcus M. Keane, NUIG Lecturer and Director of IRUSE Alice Perry Engineering Building.  The event will be held at University Road Galway, in Room G047 in the Ground Floor of the building.  Reception will be at 17:00h at the foyer of the Alice Perry Building.  An introduction will be given by Dr. Marcus M. Keane of NUIG at 17:00h.  The evening's proceedings will include presentations on case studies using the BEMServer platform, a panel discussion and a tour of the building.

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