National Stakeholder Forum News Update

Italian National Stakeholder Meeting held in Milan - 24 January 2017 - Information provided by Gianluca Signore of R2M

HIT2GAP partners recently held a stakeholders’ workshop in Milan on solutions to optimise the management of buildings and reduce the gap between projected performance and reality.

The workshop, held at Politecnico di Milano on 24 January, aimed at informing the Italian stakeholder community about progress in HIT2GAP and a sister project called QUANTUM, (which H2G partner BRE is also participating in) provided an overview of the two projects, including their most innovative aspects.


The morning opened with a presentation by eERG-PoliMI on the monitoring and control of a zero-energy building.  This was followed by R2M Solution’s presentation on reducing the gap between projected and actual performance by using the HIT2GAP platform.  The first session of the morning was then rounded off with a presentation (by eERG-PoliMI) which focused on controlling the quality in building and the tools and opportunities offered by the QUANTUM project. 

For more information on QUANTUM See:

The second session began with a presentation by R2M Solution about the main modules of the HIT2GAP platform, then a presentation by ABO DATA’s Pierangelo Barettoni on the HIT2GAP Field Internet-of-Things (IoT) services.  Finally, ENERGY TEAM delivered a presentation on tools and methods for measuring energy-efficiency before the morning concluded with round-table discussions and questions on each of the morning's presentations.

News from Berlin:German National Stakeholder Forum to meet at Energietage – 3 May 2017 – Information provided by Nicolas Réhault, Fraunhofer ISE

HIT2GAP’s German stakeholder forum held a workshop at the Berliner Energietage on Wednesday 3 May. The workshop, which was chaired by Sebastian Herkel of the Fraunhofer Institute, on the optimisation of the performance of buildings during operation and included talks on performance contracting, commissioning of buildings – keeping to plan, monitoring of buildings – tools and methods (information provided by HIT2GAP’s Nicolas Réhault), design of controls – optimisation in building automation, and BIM – managing buildings efficiently.  

The workshop included a facilitated discussion on the contribution of digitalisation to the improvement of building performance.

Details of the workshop can be obtained at: 4.03-"Gebäudeperformance im Betrieb optimieren".  

General information about HIT2GAP involvement can be obtained from:

Irish Stakeholder Group

Following a presentation at a joint H2G-Einstein projects workshop in November 2016, project Partners of HIT2GAP in Ireland held a meeting on 13 March 2017 to discuss how best to take forward the development of the National Stakeholder Forum in Ireland.  It was agreed that there is a need to attract national and local government, professional bodies, energy and environmental agencies and industry groups to join.  All partners agreed to approach relevant contacts via h2g-ireland@googlegroups.

News from Bordeaux: French National Stakeholder Forum met at Evolution’s Darwin Ecosystem building - 22 March 2017 – Information provided by Pascale Brassier of Nobatek

The French Stakeholders held their second meeting on 22 March 2017 in Bordeaux with delegates from Evolution, Inoxia, Bouygues Energies et Services & Nobatek  The topic of the event was entitled: La data Science au service de la Performance Energétique des bâtiments tertiaires. (i.e. Using Data science for Energy Performance in Tertiary Buildings).

In parallel with the face-to-face presentations and discussions, the event has been broadcast live through a webinar allowing it to reach additional stakeholders who were not necessarily located in Bordeaux. Moreover, during a period of three months after the event, the webinar is to be available on the internet in a replay mode to disseminate the project presentation and the discussions to a larger community and to collect additional feedback and questions about the project.  A large range of stakeholders were represented within the audience, including architects, facility managers, construction company, ICT company, environmental engineering companies, associations in the field of environment and ecology, Community and Administration organisation & BMS providers.

The session opened with a presentation on "What is the Energy Performance Gap?" by HIT2GAP's co-ordinator, Pascale BRASSIER of Nobatek.  This was followed by a presentation on "Facility Manager’s point of view about the Energy Performance Gap and Challenger use case" by Lionel CORNEC of Bouygues.  Jean-Marc Gancille of Evolution then gave a presentation entitled "Focus on a tool targeting eco-friendly behaviours: the MIUSEEC tool."  The session was then rounded off with a presentation on "Towards a solution for the reduction of the Energy Performance Gap : the HIT2GAP solution." by Pierre BOURREAU of Nobatek.  End-user behaviour was extensively debated during the discussions and several questions were raised about this important topic, providing valuable feedback to the HIT2GAP project.


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Turkish Stakeholder Group

Following participation in the Cities of the Future brokerage event in Istanbul on 30 September 2016, HIT2GAP partners EGE in Turkey plans to develop its Stakeholder Forum from the conference participants at this event.