Meeting held at the Alice Perry Building in Galway

In March, a three-day technical meeting was held at the Alice Perry Engineering Building, Hit2gap's pilot site in Galway, Ireland.  This meeting has provided an opportunity for partners in the project to work in the field together with building facility managers to reduce the energy performance gap through the application of software odules that are hosted in the open source BEMServer platform (powered by the Hit2Gap project).  R2M-Solution, as pilot managers, together with the ESRU group at University of Strathclyde, Cylon Controls and the IRUSE group of NUIG, organised the sessions on dynamic simulations and energy model calibration to help the facility management staff to improve actual control of systems and occupant satisfaction.  In particular, the meeting focused on the ESP-r module, powered by the well-known energy dynamic simulation software ESP-r developed by the ESRU group at the University of Strathclyde, whose staff presented software capabilities to the facility managers and gathered information in order to improve and customise the energy model of the selected rooms, to make it reflect more accurately the actual needs of the staff on field.  The working team reviewed the control features and layout of the system branches which were considered.  This meeting also provided partners with an opportunity to check the proper operation of the BMS components.  As a result, improved energy models have been completed and made available to the facility management staff.  A first set of dynamic simulations has been launched via the BEMServer platform, providing results in terms of thermal and visual comfort according to relevant international standard for the selected periods for the simulations.  These BEMServer capabilities, and the ESP-r module, will facilitate access to this powerful dynamic simulation tool.