Hit2GAP project and its outcomes

Our partners in Ireland will be presenting the HIT2GAP project and its outcomes, including a description of the BEMServer system for intelligent building, at NUIG's Alice Perry building in Galway, from 5pm to 7pm on 29 August 2019.  The evening's event will include speakers from R2M, Cylon, Zutec, the University of Strathclyde, NUIG and Enerit.  Attendees will be given an overview of the BEMServer data platform and an introduction to a range of modules that sit on the platform which enable facility managers, engineers and other stakeholders to reduce the energy gap in buildings between actual energy use and projected energy use.  The evening's proceedings will finish with a question and answer session, and a debate on the future of energy management in buildings.  If you are interested in attending, please contact us at h2g-ireland@googlegroups.com