Work Package 8 is led by NOBATEK/INEF4

The main objectives of this work package are to:

  • Provide efficient management and administration of the project, while fulfilling all legal and EC requirements
  • Establish a robust and functional management structure to ensure efficient communication between the participants in the project as well as with the Commission
  • Ensure that all financial, contractual and ethical issues are correctly addressed
  • Provide assistance and advice to the project partners regarding administration and reporting
  • Identify potential problems at an early stage and provide timely and effective solutions

Task 8.1 of this work package involves operational management

This task involves the day-to-day management of the project, including

  • Follow-up of tasks and monitoring of the project work plan and time schedule
  • Consortium Agreement implementation
  • Meetings, organisation and minutes' production
  • Chairing the Project Steering Committee
  • Permanent contact point for the project and liaison with the EC Project Officer
  • Timely delivery of project's reports and deliverables and achievement of milestones
  • Production of administrative periodic reports and audits
  • Maintain contractual documents such as Grant Agreement, GPFs, Consortium Agreement and their respective annexes

Task 8.2 involves financial and formal management.

This task involves the financial and administrative tasks necessary to project coordination, including:

  • -Contract management and communication with the EU;
  • Developing documents and maintaining the project plans in terms of scope, schedule, cost and quality;
  • Management of internal communications and meetings; performing quality assurance and control including reviewing reports;
  • Preparing the IPR (Intellectual Properties Rights) management plan, monitoring progress and project performance in terms of scope, schedule and cost and taking preventive and corrective actions if necessary;
  • Reviewing and analysing risks and coordinating the design of appropriate contingency plans;
  • Producing periodic reports to be delivered within the deadlines established by the project regulations.

This task also involves:

  • Establishing and maintaining financial records.
  • Coordinating financial statements submission by all project partners and audit certificates as needed, including following up of EC payments.
  • Calculating partner shares according rules agreed in the Consortium Agreement.

Task 8.3 involves internal information and communication.

This task involves

  • The implementation of an internal communication strategy and resolution of conflicts among partners and across the Consortium.
  • Knowledge management.

This task is concerned with the design and development of a project collaboration platform to support the internal dissemination of research progress and findings within the consortium and support the management of research progress. The platform will also be used to capture information about external dissemination activities (such as presentations at conferences and scientific publications). This platform will be open access for all consortium members and will be hosted and managed by NOBATEK. It will allow all partners to upload and download project documents.