Task 1 of this work package has been aimed at identifying commercial targets.  As part of this process, partners have been presenting the findings and developments of the project at relevant conferences in academic, industrial and public sector arenas.  Partners have also been contributing to simple explanations of the research goals and findings, so that they can be understood by non-specialists.  Whenever possible, HIT2GAP has sought to cooperate with other R&D projects (especially those funded under the same call) on dissemination and awareness activities (exhibitions, stakeholders' workshops etc) to ensure harmonised communications and greater impacts.  This task has been designed to plan and synchronise communication and dissemination activities so that they are systematic, managed and part of a project-level strategy.  It is also intended to reinforce and be linked to exploitation to build awareness (branding) and create demand.

Task 2 of WP7 involves market communication.  This task has involved constructing the HIT2GAP Stakeholder community and conducting liaison activities with key actors, targeted stakeholders, associations, communities and research programmes.  A specific communication campaign targeting potential customers of the HIT2GAP solution and services is being implemented.  Project stakeholder forums are being run in each of the partner countries with the relevant representatives from local government, the utilities industry and the academic community.

Task 3 of WP7 involves scientific diffusion and has been aimed at publishing the findings of the research in relevant academic journals and/or business publications.