Led by Nobatek/INEF4, is devoted to the software integration (in the same way as WP3) focused on the overall modular platform or BMS-Operating System (OS).  This integration will be conducted in parallel with the elementary modules integration so that the orchestration of the platform with the elementary modules can be achieved and optimised.  This phase will provide a full-scale design of the HIT2GAP BMS-OS with the communication protocol designs for the integration of the elementary (data treatment) modules developed/identified in WP3.  The BMS-OS will be developed, implemented and tested within this WP.

The main objectives of this WP are the following:

  • to develop the global HIT2GAP modular framework platform
  • to integrate the data treatment and display modules
  • to test and debug the solution on static and dynamic datasets

The main outcome of this WP will be the prototype platform of the BMS-OS with a set of communication protocols and rules to ensure compatibility with the modules developed within WP3.