Led by Gesa Benndorf and Nicolas Rehault of Fraunhofer ISE, is devoted to following main tasks:

  • the development of robust Building Performance Simulation (BPS) models for block-of-buildings for a precise prediction of the building energy performance
  • the integration of the BPS with different data sources like BIM, BAS, weather data, occupancy models 
  • the further development and integration of time-series data processing and visualisation tools dedicated to the energy monitoring of buildings
  • the development of DMKD algorithms for the continuous analysis of the building energy operation and the identification of suboptimal states and faults

The main objectives of this WP are the following:

  • to integrate the modules related to data collection and data storage
  • to develop and integrate data treatment modules from a selection of DMKD alorithms
  • to integrate treatment modules for users' behaviour modelling
  • to integrate pre-configured data display modules

The main output of this WP will be the elementary modules themselves developed according to the specifications identified in WP2.  All these elementary modules will be individually tested and validated using static data.