HIT2GAP: Highly Innovative building control Tools Tackling the energy performance gap

EU / H2020 Grant Agreement No.: 680708
Topic: EeB-07-2015 New tools and methodologies to reduce the gap between predicted and actual energy performances at the level of buildings and blocks of buildings

Starting date of project: 1st of September 2015 Duration: 48 month



The actual energy consumption of buildings in Europe often significantly exceeds the expected energy requirements. This gap in energy performance can arise from construction errors or from differences between the way a building was intended to be used and how it is actually used. 

An energy management platform could help to reduce this energy gap - and this will be easier thanks to a new and innovative energy reporting platform.

To create a new energy reporting platform, the HIT2GAP project will deliver:

  1. A generic information platform with protocols for communication with devices and user interfaces
  2. Building energy modelling, to establish energy consumption benchmarks
  3. A variety of tailored modules to inform users, energy managers and engineers.

The modules are explained in more detail here.



The aims of the HIT2GAP project are:

  1. To reduce the energy performance gap, focusing on the operation phase of buildings
  2. To propose a new paradigm for the development of energy management platforms in buildings, integrating existing expertise and resources
  3. To provide a marketable, smart platform.

The HIT2GAP partners are working together to create a platform which is both generic and modular, which could be used in a wide variety of buildings and groups of buildings. 

It will include plug-and-play modules that are designed to inform users about the operational performance of their building(s), based on data collected at building level. 

The image above shows the platform architecture.